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There are 54 books on Dr. Ruckman's Recommended Reading List.  However not all of them are still in print.  The following books are on his list, but no longer in print:

After Its Kind - Byron Nelson
All About the Bible - Sidney Collett
The Bible and Modernism - Sir Robert Anderson
The Biblical Flood and the Ice Age Epoch - Donald W. Patten
Biblical Introduction - Herbert S. Miller
Born Crucified - Leslie E. Maxwell
Dead Men Tell Tales - Harry Rimmer
From Eternity to Eternity - Erich Sauer
The Highest Critic vs. the Higher Critic - L. W. Munhall
In the Arena of Faith - Erich Sauer
International Standard Bible Encyclopedia - James Orr, Editor
Life of David - A. W. Pink
The Long Day of Joshua - Donald W. Patten
Man's Origin, Man's Destiny - A. E. Wilder-Smith
The Origin of the Pentateuch - Harold Wiener
The Problem of the Old Testament - James Orr
Protestant Christian Evidences - Bernard Ramm
750 Sermon Outlines - George W. Noble
RE-RELEASED!  Click Here to Purchase This Book! A Scientific Investigation of the Old Testament - Robert Dick Wilson
Therefore Stand - Wilbur M. Smith

The following books are also on his list and can all be purchased from the Bookstore:

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