Rightly Dividing the Bible - Volume 2, Unwrapping Dispensational Truth

GN 9222-2


Rightly Dividing the Bible - Volume 2, Unwrapping Dispensational Truth

Author:  David E. Walker

Pages:  327; gluebound


A dispensational survey of the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation.

“Brother Walker has put together a wealth of information in a very concise, yet thorough manner in this work that overviews the whole Bible. Any Bible believing student can see that this book can be a great aid to his studies of dispensations, the physical and spiritual kingdoms of heaven and of God, and especially dispensational salvation.” - Brian Donovan, pastor of Bible Baptist Church, and president of Pensacola Bible Institute.

The Bible Storyline— Trace God’s plan of the ages through a panoramic lens to summarize scripture from a Bible believing dispensational view.
The Old Testament—Learn about the conflict between God and Satan, man’s creation and sin, plus God’s covenants with the Jewish people and the promise of the Messiah.
The New Testament—Discover how God’s plan centers around the Lord Jesus Christ, and how Jesus’ return will revoke the curse of sin and restore the paradise that was lost.