Rowland Bingham: Into Africa's Interior

BG 1191


Rowland Bingham: Into Africa's Interior

Author:  Janet & Geoff Benge

Pages: 181, Paperback

For Ages 10 and Up.


The thought of a land with not one Christian and not one missionary haunted Rowland. Images of cannibals and slaves pushed away sleep, and the stranger's words "Are you prepared to go if God calls you?" echoed over and over as he turned in his bed. Was he, Rowland Bingham, willing to go to the Sudan, where white men nearly always died?

At age twenty Rowland Bingham committed hiself to serving not only in Africa, known as the white man's grave, but in Africa's Sudan interior, where few missionaried had ventured and those who did soon died of disease or retreated in defeat.

Experience missionaries told Rowland that his dream was impossible. But when he found himself the sole surviving member of the fledgling Sudan Interior Mission, he didn't give up - neither did God. In an amazing story of vision and faith, God used this willing servant to open a way for the gospel's light to shine on millions of people once thoght beyond reach.