Scripture Reference Index (for Dr. Ruckman's books)

RF 1685


Scripture Reference Index

Author:  Tim Suveges

Pages:  447, Spiral Bound Paperback

Thanks to the work of a member of the Bible Baptist Church, the Bookstore is now happy to offer an index of every Scripture reference given in 82 of Dr. Ruckman’s works. This index gives the Scripture reference, the book in which it is found, along with the page number on which it was located at the time of compilation.

*Over time some of Dr. Ruckman’s works have gone into new editions. With changes in fonts and layouts, some of the page numbers may be off. We offer this index to our readers as it now stands. We hope for those who “labor in the word,” that it will prove a useful tool.

Books covered:

Alexandrian Cult Series 

The Sure Word of Prophecy   

The Last Grenade  

Memoirs of a 20th Century Circuit Riding Preacher

Life, Love, and Laughter 

King James Onlyism vs Scholarship Onlyism 

How to Teach the “Original” Greek 

How to Teach Dispensational Truth

Art and Artists 


God Is Love    

The Scholarship Only Controversy 

Mythological Septuagint 

Music and Musicians      

Why I am not a Calvinist 

The Corrupt Catholic Cult       

1 in 23,000,000      

The Holy Scriptures vs The Holy Koran  

THE BIBLE: A Deadly Book   

Ruckman's Battlefield Notes   

The Power of Negative Thinking    

The God Called Preacher       

The Death of Biblical Doctrine

Will the Real “Allah” Stand Up

Sermons on Hell     

Happy Anniversary KJV! 

About the New King James Version

About the New Scofield Reference Bible

The Anti-Intellectual Manifesto

Bible Babel     

Bible Numerics

Bible Study Charts & Outlines

Body, Soul, And Spirit    

Custer's Last Stand

The Damnation of a Nation     

Differences in the Kings James Version Editions   

Discrimination: The Key To Sanity 

Eternal Security      

Fact, Faith, And Feeling 

Five Heresies Examined

Four Judgments     

How to Teach the Bible  

Heaven and Hell     



The Judgment Seat of Christ

The Local Church   

The Mark of the Beast    

Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage

The Mass

The Monarch of the Books!    

The NIV  

The Path of the Second Advent      

The Professional Liars in Action     

The Restoration of Israel

Rome – The Great Private Interpreter    

Roots and Methodology 

Satan's Masterpiece! The New ASV       

Segregation or Integration      

Seven Baptisms     

7 Come 11      

Seven Mysteries     

Seven Resurrections      

Seven Sevens

The Simplicity of Salvation     

The Source of International Terrorism    

A Survey of the Authorized Version

The Tabernacle      

Things I Have Not Learned    

Tongues, Signs, and Healing 

The Two Raptures  

The Unknown Bible

What Saith the Scriptures       

Where Do The Dead Go?       

The White Throne Judgment  

Why I Am Not A Campbellite  

Why I Am Not A Catholic

Why I Am Not A Moslem

Why I am not a Charismatic

Why I Am Not A New-Age Global Citizen       

Why I Am Not A Seventh-Day Adventist

Why I Believe the KJV is the Word of God