September 2006 Blowout Sermons & Music - Downloadable MP3

DC S0600D


September 2006 Blowout Sermons and Music:

1)  Bill Packer-Strong Men Do Cry, The Closet, Mind Your Manners;

2)  Harley Keck-Surrendered Or Committed, Stay In The Boat, God’s Preparation Of Moses, Repentance;

3)  Charlie Andrus-The Influence Of Godly Parents, The Churlish Son Of Belial, Love;

4) Bill Grady-Three Characteristics Of The Laodicean Age, Two Main Purposes For America’s Existence, Hid In The Day Of God’s Anger

Plus 25 music tracks.

One zipped folder containing 14 hours, 42 minutes.



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