September 2009 Blowout Sermons & Music - Downloadable MP3

DC S0900D


September 2009 Blowout Sermons & Music:

1) Bruce MacDowell-Lord, What Wilt Thou Have Me To Do?, Finish the Course, The God Blessed Man, The Three Crosses;

2) Wilson Calvin-When The Spirit Of God Moves, Four Things We Need For The Church, Some Reasons I Won't Quit;

3) Eric Brazelton-What Manner Of Person We Ought To Be, I Am Determined, Things We Ought To Be Guilty Of;

4) Bob Joseph-Have You Checked Your Feet Lately, Whe God Stops Your Dreams, How Will You Meet The King?

5) Dr. Ruckman-Haggai 2:5-2:7.

Plus 45 music tracks.

One zipped folder containing 16 hours, 17 minutes.


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