September 2011 Blowout Sermons & Music - Downloadable MP3

DC S1100D


September 2011 Blowout Sermons & Music:

1) Harley Keck - The Fear Of The Lord; A King Is Coming; Stewardship.

2) Paul Heaton - Great Bible Challenges; Loosing The Debt; Feeding The Dogs And Slopping The Hogs.

3) Scott Strobel - Wake Up The Mighty Men; Biblical Fasting; There Is A God In Heaven.

4) Brian Donovan - Give Me This Mountain.

5) Jack Fellure - The Family, The Government, The Cruch; Laodicia; Reconciled To God

6) Dr. Peter S. Ruckman - Job 3:1-10.

Plus 24 music tracts.

One zipped folder containing 13 hours, 24 minutes.


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