September 2015 Sermons - Downloadable MP3

DC 1509D


AUGUST 2015 - Joy Comes in the Morning; A Reminder to Youth; Responses to 3 Circumstances; Where is the Promise of His Coming?; Mephibosheth (Zach Colvin); Waiting Room Christians (David Gervens); No Continuing City; The First Missionary Journey (Sunday School - Mike Dobbins); You Need a Good Attorney (Michael Huggins); The Prodigal Son (Zach Colvin); Music - Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone (Ameei Pizzo); Music - Medley (BBC Youth Group); Music - Seek Ye Out the Old Paths (Caleb and NaKeya Waters); Music - I Don't Want to Go Back/The Old Story (Dare Trio); Music - Ivory Palaces (Cooper Family); Music - Lord, You're the Best Thing (BBC Ladies Group); Music - Remind Me, Dear Lord (Judy Coventry); Music - Hast Thou No Scar/I Gave My Life For Thee (Giacomo and Taylor Galioto, Graziella Hauser); Music - Draw Me Nearer/Lord, Give Me a Burden (BBC Bluegrass). One zipped folder containing - 9 hours 43 minutes.  Sermons by Pastor Brian Donovan unless otherwise noted.


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