The Antichrist 666

PR 2335


The Antichrist 666

Author:  Ted Warmack

Pages: 87


The troubling predictions about the Antichrist are prominent in scripture, warning of a time of great tribulation and hardship on earth during his reign. This book reveals the truth about the evil one known as the Antichrist and the Tribulation period he will bring during his reign of terror.
• Who the Antichrist really is and his name
revealed in scripture
• His mark, number and sign that will identify him
• How he will deceive the world and persecute believers
• The epic battle at Armageddon when Christ returns.
If you want to understand the Bible prophecies about the end times concerning the Antichrist, this book is a must read. Grounded firmly in scripture, it cuts through the confusion surrounding end times events and exposes the truth about the ominous figure known as the Antichrist. Find out what awaits those left behind after the rapture and discover how Christ's return will bring final judgment upon the unholy trinity of Satan, Antichrist and the False Prophet.