The Autobiography of Peter Cartwright

BG 1246


The Autobiography of Peter Cartwright

Author: Peter Cartwright

Pages:  349, Paperback


The nation was young - a frontier of dreams, a landscape of hardships.  In those exciting and turbulent years between 1803 and 1856, one extraordinary preacher - Peter Cartwright - rode a Methodist circuit in the American western districts.  This is his story.

The Autobiography of Peter Cartwright is both a highly entertaining personal odyssey and a valuable chronicle of America in its infancy.  Cartwright provides great insight into our nineteenth-century religious heritage, sharing adventure stories of life on the circuit: routing rowdies from camp meetings, outwitting proselytizing ministers of other denominations, debating religion with an atheistic riverboat captain, attending Bishop Asbury's funeral.  Interspersed with these stories are accounts of Cartwright's frontier travels and early conferences - as well as his forthright opinion on other denominations, bishops, slavery, and educated ministry, dram drinking, and the usefulness of camp meetings.

In vivid detail, Cartwright gives a firsthand account of the Second Great Awakening, in which he played a leading role.  He also provides a fascinating look at the Methodist split over slavery.

Those looking for a rousing tale of the American frontier - which also serves as a valuable sourcebook on the early history of American Methodism - will appreciate this classic.