The Certainty of the Words

KJ 1789


The Certainty of the Words

Author:  Kyle Stephens

Pates:  821


Those who love and appreciate the Authorized Version of 1611, the King James Bible, very likely also know that there is a battle that still rages among its adherents as to the extent of the accuracy and sanctity of its words. Even among those scholars, writers and pastors that promote and defend it, there remains a great deal of contention and disputation as to the degree of the sacredness of its individual words. There has been no shortage of name calling, misrepresentation and acrimony regarding the subject. The subtitle of this book expresses the theme of the author’s examination of the issues and his conclusions found within these pages. Hebrews 4:12 states that the word of God is quick, and powerful...sharper...piercing...and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. This book is not a mere reshuffling of King James Bible defenses and arguments, but it shows how the words of the AV 1611 itself decimate the semantics, rhetoric and errant reasoning of King James Bible critics, as well as its oft disingenuous defenders.