The Gap Fact

RF 1675


The Gap Fact

Author:  Perry Demopoulos

Pages:  271


This work is not a representation of the 'creation (or theistic) - evolutionistic' position; that God created (Gen. 1:1) and after that, things began to evolve for millions of years. The young earth 'creation' movement makes an overanxious attempt to reject theistic evolution unfortunatelly at the expense of sound Bible doctrine. With the simple methods of Biblical interpretation: repetition, comparison and division of the words of the King James text, the scriptures themselves prove without any help of outward references the plain truths of the doctrine of the gap fact in Genesis 1:2. There is more scriptureal evidence for the gap fact - much more than modern 'Christian science' (cf. 1 Tim. 6:20) would have you to believe (Lk. 11:52). Scripturally, there is not worthy challenge to THE GAP FACT.