The Pillar and Ground of the Truth

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The Pillar and Ground of the Truth

Author:  Kyle Stephens

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For good reason, many critics find opportunity today to lament the ineffectiveness of churches in addressing and thwarting the moral and spiritual degradation in the countries, communities and cultures wherein they are called to minister. Others are neither slow nor reticent to charge that all churches are an obsolete relic of a bygone era, perhaps once effectual, but no longer competent or "relevant" in an increasingly complex modern sociological and cultural world. On the other hand, it was Jesus Christ Himself that mandated and empowered the Church to be built (Matt. 16:18). Despite widespread claims to the contrary, it was not the Roman Catholic Church He commissioned. The fact is that Paul, the apostle of the Gentiles (Rom. 11:13) declared the churches over which he labored, and which Christ ordained, to be the pillar and ground of the truth (1 Tim. 3:15)!

The case is here made that there has been no power failure with God, with Jesus Christ, with the Holy Spirit, or for that matter, with the Holy Scriptures. Neither time, culture, sin, nor the modern age have outpaced what God has ordained. Instead, it is Christian men who have lost their vision (Pro. 29:18). It is the saints (preachers, teachers, evangelists, missionaries, deacons and assemblies) who have lost touch with what God mandated each Bible believing church to be: the pillar and ground of the truth.

Herein is the vision of what a church is supposed to be carefully and explicitly expounded and defined according to the perfect words of God. The hallucinations and delusions of men are excluded.