The Untold History of the Bible - DVD

DV 62910


The Untold History of the Bible
An Adullam Films Production
Running time:  3 hours

The Untold History of the Bible is an exciting documentary that takes you deep into the world of saints and martyrs battling against spies, assassins and wolves in sheep's clothing.  Discover the history of the English Bibles that culminated in the development of the King James Version of 1611; and of great men of faith, such as John Wycliffe, Martin Luther, William Tyndale, and many others, who hazarded their lives for the sake of communicating the Word of God to a lost and dying world.

While many are familiar with the Protestant Reformation, few realize that the Church of Rome launched a Counter Reformation to destroy the work of the Reformers.  Could this be the key to the "untold" history of the Bible?

Untold History was filmed on location in the United States and Europe, and includes interviews from some of the leading Bible scholars in the world today.  Travel with the filmmakers to the British Library in London, the William Tyndale Museum in the town of Vilvoorde, and the 500 year old Erasmus House in Brussels.  Also included is original footage of ancient biblical manuscripts with dramatizations of key historic events.