Theological Seminar of the Air - MP3

DT 104-2


THEOLOGICAL SEMINAR OF THE AIR - Dr. Peter S. Ruckman teaching 102 theological lessons covering the great doctrines of the Bible. 2 MP3 CDs - over 47 hours. This series covers all the basic doctrines of the Bible, but since the expositor has not limited himself to the traditions of men, there are a few extra things thrown in here and there that no one has shown before. Appropriate for adult Sunday school, for a high school or college course in theology, or just for a private survey of systematic theology. These lessons were originally produced for thirty minute radio broadcasts. The Existence and Person of God, The Communicable Attributes of God, God as a Balanced Being, The Trinity, The Trinity Acting in Unity, The Names and Fatherhood of God, The Silence of God, The Fear of the Lord, Prophecies of Christ’s Life, The Life of Christ, The Virgin Birth of Christ, The Sinlessness of Christ, Arguments Against the Sinlessness of Christ, Character, Teachings, Commands, and Miracles of Christ, The Death of Christ, The Resurrection of Christ, The Ascension of Christ, Intercessory Prayer, Intercessory Work of Christ, The Second Coming, Israel, The Church, and God, The Person and Work of Christ, Pneumatology, The Deity and Names of the Holy Spirit, The Work of the Holy Spirit in the Life of the Believer, Sins Against the Holy Spirit, The Spirit-Filled Life of the Believer, Conditions &Results of Being Filled with the Holy Spirit, Baptism of the Holy Spirit, Fruit, Gifts, and Emblems of the Spirit, The Holy Spirit and Inspiration, Inspiration of the Bible, Supposed Contradictions in the Bible, The Creation Story, Anthropology Evolution, The Fall of Man, Anthropology, Harmartiology, Angelology, Man — A Tripartite Being, Demonology, Justification, Imputation, Adoption, Faith, Repentance, Forgiveness, What Happens When One Believes on the Lord, Sanctification, Assurance of Salvation, Confessing Christ Before Men, Soul Winning, Finding the Lord’s Will, Prayer, The Victorious Christian Life, Separation, Backsliding, Worship, Christian Suffering, The Grace of Giving, Law and Grace, The Judgments of God, Heaven, The Doctrine of Hell, Divorce and Remarriage, Temptation, The Offense of the Cross. Over 47 hours.