Theological Studies, Volume 1

TS 0-1


A Complete Series on the Study of God.  Sample Listing:  The Existence of God - God as a Balanced Being - The Trinity - The Personality of God - The Names of God - The Fatherhood of God - The Silence of God - The Fear of God - Prophecies in the Life of Christ - Christ's Earthly Life and His Miracles - The Virgin Birth - Proofs for the Deity of Christ - Objections to the Deity of Christ - Relationship of the Son to the Father - The Humanity of Christ - The Sinlessness of Christ - The Character of Christ - The Teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ - Commands of the Lord Jesus Christ - Miracles of the Lord Jesus Christ - The Second Coming of Jesus Christ - God-The Holy Spirit - Personality of the Holy Spirit (and many more topics).  730 pages. Author:  Dr. Peter S. Ruckman

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