Torchlighters (4 disk animated collection) - DVD

DV 28931


This 4 DVD collection includes the first 16 episodes of the award-winning Torchlighters series. Each action-packed episode highlights a true story from Christian history, exemplifying courage and a life dedicated to Christ.

Disc 1 - includes The Jim Elliot Story, The William Tyndale Story, THe John Bunyan Story and The Eric Liddell Story.

Disc 2 - includes The Gladys Aylward Story, The Richard Wurmbrand Story, The Perpetua Story and The Amy Carmichael Story

Disc 3 - includes The William Booth Story, The Samuel Morris Story, The Augustine Story and The Corrie ten Boom Story

Disc 4 - Includes The John Wesley Story, The Robert Jermain Thomas Story, The Martin Luther Story and the Adoniram and Ann Judson Story