When the Mosque Comes to Town

CK 1287


When the Mosque Comes to Town

Author:  Gina Wilson, Chick Publications

Pages:  125

Whether Muslims move into the house next to you, a few blocks over, or begin gathering at their newly-built mosque, the question has undoubtedly gone through your mind:  What now?
How do you ready through the invisible, yet ever-present barriers that exist between you and your Muslim neighbors and effectively share the gospel? How do you tell them about Jesus?
Those questions are what this book answers.  Through each chapter, you will be shown how to reach out to Muslim neighbors, friends, and acquaintances.  You will be guided through effective strageties to help you confidently share the gospel right from the start.  This is part guide, part instruction, and part "how-to" book for sharing the gospel with Muslims.
If you have a heart to reach Muslim or know someone who does, this book is for you!  Read it, use it, try it out, and pass it on.