World Communion Concord Grape Juice And Bread



Bulk Pack of (100)

Normal shelf life is (120) days if kept in a cool dry place, six months if refrigerated, or up to a year if frozen. The date on the storage bag is from when they arrive at the Bible Baptist Bookstore, and they are kept refrigerated until the ship date. 

Individual servings of communion in a clear plastic chalice. On the top is a serving of  Concord Grape juice and on the bottom is an unleavened bread. Both the top and bottom are sealed using our special Silent Seal TM lidding material. This allows the cup to be easily opened by the young and old alike while being extremely quiet to maintain a reverent environment during the observance of communion. All our products are made to order and shipped fresh. The shelf life of our product is a full (180) days and the best used by date is stamped on each box label. To keep the product fresh for longer you can freeze the product for up to one year before use.