Worldwide Damnation/Homosexuals - Bible Believers' Bulletin Volume 6

RK 126


Worldwide Damnation/Homosexuals - Bible Believers' Bulletin Volume 6

Author:  Dr. Peter S. Ruckman

Pages: 772, Gluebound or Ringbound


The first issue of the Bible Believers' Bulletin was printed in May, 1978.  Over the years, it has been dedicated to the support of the KJV through apologetic and polemic articles.  It has also contained the most current news concerning those who are standing in defense of God's holy word, the King James 1611 Bible, and about those enemies of God's pure word who would destroy men's faith in the Bible.

Its national circulation increased rapidly and in a very short time enjoyed, as it currently does, an international mailing.

The articles from these Bulletins are now being reproduced in twelve volumes that will total nearly 8,000 pages.  These articles have been catagorized into different subject groups, and each of these groups is divided into three divisions.

* The availability of each volume will be announced in the Bible Believers' Bulletin as they are published.


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